Sewer Billing

2018 monthly sewer user fees remain unchanged from 2017 at $45.00 for metered pumps and $42.50 for self-powered pumps.  At the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July, and October), property owners will be billed for the previous quarter’s sewer user fees, and payment is due by the 15th of that month.  Payments may be made in person, by mail, or by drop box located at the Boaz Community Building.  Customers also may pay annually, semi-annually, bi-monthly, or monthly at no additional charge, as long as payments are made on time.  If a quarterly payment is late, a 1% (one percent) late fee may apply.  Per Wisconsin Statutes, any sewer services received from October-September that remain unpaid as of November 15th will be added as a delinquent charge to the property tax bill (including late fees and an additional ten percent penalty).

The Boaz Sewer Utility uses a grinder pump system.  Information about the grinder pump system is provided below.


The Southwest Sanitation schedule for 2018 pickup is provided below.  Guidelines for recycling can be found by visiting their website at .